Monday, 23 March 2009

Weekly Report 11

The top news is the weather is dreamy. The prior post of the Dickens quote says it nicely. The sun has been shining so many days, the dreary days of February are a distant memory. There are flowers popping up everywhere. I have been warned this will not last. We'll enjoy it for now.

The girls had playdates this week. I secretly wanted Mary Kate's friend to stay in the kitchen to talk to me. Her accent is so charming. Caroline had such a good time at her friend's house I pulled her out kicking and screaming. The scene was mortifying. They have a custom here called children's tea. They feed the children dinner around 5:00 than the adults eat later. This seems like double the work. Plus we'd rather eat together as a family.

Brent secured U2 tickets for their London concert in August. This was the highlight of his week.

I worked, worked more and a little more this week. I attended my first Junior League of London meeting. It is very American but I am American after all. My highlight of the week was the Mother's Day assembly at school. Each class performed a skit and/or song about their great mums. The girls sang sweetly and there was not a dry eye in the house.

Saturday we went to an Easter Egg Hunt. The event is put on by a primarily American women's club. They were very impressed with our baskets and the girl's dresses, which surprised me since mostly Americans were there.

An English mom asked if these parties were customary in the US. I told her we do them multiple times each year - church, school, neighborhood, a party or two and the final one on Easter day at home. She also wanted to know if the children wear dresses like the Mary Kate & Caroline were wearing. My reply was oh yes - siblings wear matching outfits, large hair bows are a must and usually there is at least one casual Easter/spring outfit for the more relaxed hunts. I also said this was the first time I paired the dresses with black shoes and coats.

Since we were in an American state of mind, we went to McDonald's for the first time in London. It was very good. The only complaint - we walked away a little hungry. The portions were smaller. Good for the waistline but bad for the empty stomach.

Sunday was Mothering Day or UK Mother's Day. We learned the story of Mum's Day. Many years ago in the middle of Lent churches called for members to return to their home parish or the church they attended growing up. This evolved into visiting families who had not left their home towns, which evolved into family reunions, which evolved into visiting mothers, which evolved into the Mother's Day was have now.

I had a very nice day. I received cards and flowers, ate lunch outside in the sun and enjoyed loads to extra hugs and kisses. It was extra nice to read writings of both girls. I can't believe they can both write! They are still babies and should not be able to do that yet. I hope I can have double Mother's Days this year - Brent says no we are in England now so we are celebrating this one only. Bummer!

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Cristina said...

We want to see pictures of the Easter dresses and baskets!

Anonymous said...

Brent is absolutely right. Only one Mother's Day per mother.