Tuesday, 24 March 2009

21 Weeks

We had our big scan and Mister Baby (as Mary Kate calls him) is perfect. His head, legs and feet are measuring over the 50th percentile - he is part Dodd and part McDaniel. His feet do look long in the picture. We are considering naming him Taz - as in Tazmanian Devil. He is either perfectly still or twirling.

Surprisingly I feel great. I never thought I'd say those words while pregnant. I am not sure if it is walking, lack of fast food, lack of good food or yoga. Most likely it is a combination of all of the above. So far he is a very good boy and does not give his mother any trouble. He just needs to keep it up and come out before his due date.

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David, Julie, Dakota, Emma, and Wyatt said...

I love the baby feet!!! His little feet do look long and lean so maybe he'll be tall like Brent. Very cute! Glad you are feeling so great and having an awesome pregnancy! =)

Lael said...

I love the temporary name "Mister Baby" - cute, cute, cute.

Also glad to hear you feel so good. I already have gained as much as I did by the end with the other pregnancies I was told today that my "cheeks are filling out" and I look the part of a pregnant lady. I think she meant my face???