Friday, 9 August 2013

5 on friday ~ take 1


The rage in blogging at the moment is 5 on friday. I am joining up for at least one week.


Tonight I went to Kroger for a quick grocery run. Ick. I will drive the extra mile to HEB - my true love.


I have slept away from home 23 of the last 31 nights. My wanderlust is really flaring. I traveled to Phoenix, London and Costa Rica. Our next big trip is to Lubbock, Texas for Thanksgiving. Though a well known garden spot, we are really going to see my (& Brent's) godson (and his family).

Flight to Phoenix with my niece Millie and George...

Flight to London and I used all the comforts offered...

When in Costa Rica drink Imperial beer...


I am sad school starts on Tuesday.  The summer flew by too quickly.  The milestone of 4th & 6th grades stings a bit.


This was fun.  I am looking forward to doing it again...
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