Saturday, 10 November 2012

Can't Fly

My approach to making friends when we move is to "cast my net" at various events or groups - playgroups, Bible studies, alumni groups, PTOs, Junior League, etc.  I attend a couple of times and see what or rather whom comes out of it.  At times I have to make myself go as walking into a crowd alone can be brutal.  If the net comes a back empty after a couple of tries, I do not go back for more.  The following is from a single "mom's night out":
  • I was alerted to the dangers of arsenic in rice.
  • Unimpressed by a woman who went on and on about her mom being one of 10 children. If she herself were one of ten then she would grab my attention.  
  • The best was children can not fly until the age of 4.  I had to share children can and do in fact fly before the age of four.  Along with myself, I have dozens of friends and family who agree and have successfully flown with their infants and toddlers around the world.  What child does not love a parent(s) undivided attention for X number of hours?  It is not fun every minute and can be intense but is not impossible.  
No doubt this is just the beginning of great blog material!

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