Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Better: House Calls

One of the great things about living in the UK is they bring almost anything to you - groceries, haircuts, pedicures, car cleaning, dry cleaning.  My favorite is doctor house calls.  No worries about packing up the sick child and possibly well siblings to sit in a waiting room and then move to sit in the exam room and wait to be seen.  It makes nursing a sick child back to health a bit easier.  

Even better are the community midwives or health visitors.  They come to check the new baby - at your house!  They bring scales to you.  No loading a tiny baby and driving them to the doctor.  They also do the heel prick test.  I remember taking Mary Kate back to the hospital for this test. I could take Celia to a baby weighing clinic.  But her assigned health visitor offered to continue coming to us.  Yeah us!  Another reason they make home visits is to check on the mothers to see how they are coping.  They are able to offer early assistance for postpartum depression.   This routine newborn care is provided through the NHS - National Health Service - and is free. 

{As much as I wanted to make this funny,  there is no comic material in which to work.} 

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Quiana said...

Thank you Jody for following! I love your blog and you have such a beautiful family =) Btw I saw this nursery and thought of George: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/gabe-the-tiny-british-gentleman-my-room-165706

It's so cool to hear about how things are different there in the UK, especially with the house calls (Nia's been sick off and on for a few months and this would've been a lifesaver. I've only been to the UK a couple times and would love to return (esp for the Olympics!).