Sunday, 25 September 2011

Moving House Update

The house move has not been easy.  I think the biggest obstacle is the timing, or lack thereof, on several issues.  We originally planned to move in July before visiting the US.  We'd have a couple of weeks to start settling in before the trip and a week when we returned before school started.  However, the prior tenants pushed back moving out which changed our plans.  

We returned from the US.  Then the next morning bright and early, I had to drive across town to the check in at the new property and go to the uniform store.  The next two mornings, again bright and early, the movers were packing and loading the truck.  This is one way to skip jet lag.  The removals company did not send enough men so they did not finish at the new house until midnight.  It was a long day and I only watched!

Over the weekend, there was the usual digging through boxes to find things as needed, figuring out the oven controls, how to work the locks, etc.  Monday morning was back to Hampstead for the old house checkout and a tearful goodbye.  I loved our house there.  Traffic was terrible coming back to the countryside. 

On Tuesday morning, Brent texted wishing me a better day.  I was sure it would be.  It was anything but better.  The internet guys arrived.  I was so hopeful I would be the exception to the notorious reputation of delays and false starts.  It was not to be.  Their company's cables are not on our road.  And are not scheduled to be in the near or distant future.  It was ugly or rather I was ugly.  Nothing could be done.  I had to accept this and go to plan B.  

I arrange installation with another provider.  But it takes 7-10 days and I have a deadline for work on the 7th day (it took 10 days of course).  I am not sure how to manage but in the end I found a workaround.  Later that day after another uniform store run - the backordered item was still not in, so again another plan B - I feel something is not right.  When we returned home I was hit violently with a stomach bug.  Brent hurried home to take over the children.  

I missed taking the girls for their first day of school.  I missed the Dolly Parton concert I anticipated for months.  Poor, poor me.  

The next night Brent is out of town and we are talking on the phone.  Caroline enters the room to let me know she is not well.  I will spare the details but she is indeed not well.  As luck would have it, her bed was remade without the waterproof pad.  Soon Mary Kate is awake joining in on the fun.  At one point, I walk into the bathroom and both girls hugging the toilet.  It was so sad.

The drive to school is no fun.  There are a couple of road closures causing huge delays.  Hopefully, they will be completed by the beginning of November.  On the positive side, the girls are enjoying school and are adjusting quickly.  

I do not like feeling disorganized.  But things are coming together.  We have internet again.  I am caught up on the laundry - if it is possible the "new" washing machine is smaller than the last one.  Grocery delivery is back to normal.  We are falling into a good school routine.  Temporary blood, sweat and (lots) of tears. 

I am still fussy when I look around at the chaos and think I left a perfectly tidy and organized house just three weeks ago.  But as I have already heard crazy ramblings about the North London senior school entry process - I am pleased to avoid the headache (senior school begins in year 7, Mary Kate is in year 5).  Moving will be the best for all of us in the end.  

George is not bothered by any of it...

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