Sunday, 23 January 2011

Random Thoughts

1.  I geared up to make caramel for turtles from scratch.  But I actually went to a grocery store and looked to see if they carried them.  Lo and behold they do carry them in the regular grocery store.  Disguised under the name:  Dairy Fudge.

Update:  they looked like caramel but were NOT. 

2.  A big thank you to our good friend John Klein.  Your extreme cans of cream of chicken soup ensured our cornbread dressing was amazing on Christmas day!  The dressing on Thanksgiving was amazing too.  Our Yankee dinner guests have asked for the recipe but would be appalled to know my secret ingredients - cream of chicken soup and Crisco.

3.  I find myself say "Ah-men" instead of Amen.  This really bothers me.  I am fighting it.  Too pretentious.

4.  George had a rough day yesterday.  He had to sit on the naughty step before he could dress after his bath.  A naked time out defines bad day.   

5.  We had several days of sun this week.  It was glorious.

6.  I am expecting a new niece in June!  

7.  Cantina Laredo recently opened in London.  It is not the same but will do.  The queso tasted of flour.  The chips and tortillas were not fresh.  In true fashion they adiosed us from our table to turn it for the next diners.  That has never happens here and I was a bit offended. 

8.  George and I attended a playgroup for the first time in months.  I tried to be clever and take a footpath.  The footpath started as paved but turned unpaved to 4 inches of mud.  Thankfully I was wearing wellies.  A year ago I would have started crying, turned around and returned home.  Now I stayed calm and carried on. 

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Joyce said...

Love #8 - I so hope I get to that point sometime soon!

Judith and Lance said...

Love the random thoughts post. You were so brave to keep walking. I feel like quitting here often and haven't gotten to the point of making myself keep plodding forward yet, it's so hard when you are in a BRAND new unfamilar place.

I got my first pair of Wellies for Christmas and absolutely adore them. You probably wouldn't like them b/c they are the silver, faux alligator, Jimmy Choo version but I think they are super cool! :) Although I'm sure not as timeless are your's are!

Lael said...

I smile when picturing the bathtime-time out! I completely copied this idea and finally put something new on my blog. Brad told me that random thoughts about London stuff are better than those about our kids. Oh well.