Sunday, 26 September 2010

Lonely at the Top

My mommy has not said anything about me lately.  
I do not like the 54 stairs as much as I used to.  
When I get to the top it is just my parent's boring room.  
I am so good at going up the stairs they do not follow me.  
But I am chicken to come down on my own.  
Then I am stuck at the top in their boring room.  
I scream and carry on but they do not come straight away.  
Sometimes they make me wait 60 whole seconds.  
I find it is lonely at the top.  
I'll try to remember this.  
I am so stinking cute I do not get why don't they follow me...for the 1,000th time up the 54 stairs....

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Mahalo said...

So cute :) Have you visited our blog lately? You should ;) There might be a surprise for you.