Sunday, 22 August 2010


The number of months we have left in London. We are moving back to America at the New Year. I could stay longer but I am also looking forward to being an American in America again.  Now I feel almost stressed to see the whole of London in the next four months. And as much of Europe as the budget will allow - that pesky budget always causing trouble. Today we ate a picnic on Primrose Hill and visited the London Zoo. I hate to be a check the box tourist but we have to be organized!  

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David, Julie, Dakota, Emma, & Wyatt said...

Sister I am happy you will be back here in the U.S. very soon! I want to meet my nephew and see my adorable nieces (maybe next summer)! :) I am sad though that I wasn't able to visit you in London. :( I hope you are able to do lots of traveling in the next 4 months and that all of the details of moving back to America will come together nicely for you! :)

Julie :)