Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Globetrotting I

We are now globetrotters…and not the Harlem types. George took his first flight and received his first passport stamp. We went to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Brent went for work and we had enough notice to get to tag along. I understand why Brits love Dubai. It is warm and sunny. A cross between Arizona and Florida – desert and humid. There were hundreds of tall buildings and many more under construction.

The low point of the trip was EVERY TIME George went into his car seat to go out he screamed. Funny enough he would nap and sleep in it at night. That boy! It was a shame because taxis were unbelievably inexpensive. They practically paid you to ride in them. But it was torture as the poor taxi driver had to listen to him scream. Thankfully they were all very gracious and said they have children too.

We only spent the day of arrival with Brent and the rest he was working. The children and I ventured out one day on our own to one of the mega malls. We watched the indoor skiing which was amazing considering it was 90 degrees outside. Shopping was even more expensive than London and George is not a good shopper. We spent most of the time in the mother’s lounge trying to calm George. So the next two days we spent by the pool…

On an exciting note I performed my first lifeguard save. Caroline jumped into the pool on Mary Kate. Unconsciously I thought it might not be a good idea. Sure enough…it was not. The girls thought it was so funny I ran and jumped in to get them. But they were shouting “Mommy help”! They were never in trouble but my heart still pounded for a good 15 minutes afterward.

Does not seem possible this little angel would scream across Dubai...

The children and I flew back to London to prepare for our US trip. It was so easy. The flight was empty. The girls had four seats and George and I had four seats. He literally slept the entire flight laying buckled in the seat next to me. We were in the back of the plane so the noise and movement were just right for him. For this I was truly thankful.
Dubai was nice. I had never considered visiting. It is very family friendly and the girls had a great time. So much so Caroline wants to live there when she is a grown up. I wish we could have seen more of it - taken a desert safari, went to the beach, the water park, explored the Creek area. But we had a good taste of it this time!

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Lael said...

You made me want to visit Dubai, too. Very different than how the kids were dressed when we last saw you!

Judith and Lance said...

How cool that you went to Dubai and that was George's first passport stamp. Loved the post and love hearing about your travels.... makes me want to travel internationally again soon!!