Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Caroline's first soccer game.

Surprisingly football or soccer is a boy sport here. We found an American league for the girls. Their first day was intense. We took a taxi to the fields. Side note: Caroline rode in a car almost everyday for her first five years. Now she rides on a car once or twice a month and feels sick each time. All this to say: she was sick as we pulled into the parking lot. She drank cran-blueberry juice for breakfast. She was amazed because she'd never seen pink puke. The driver's second language was English. He kept looking at me. What could I do about it? I used all but one wipe to clean her up. Georgie would need to hold it until we returned home.

The rest of the morning was without drama. The girls were assigned their teams. They had a clinic with real Spurs. It was impossible for me as the solo parent to be on two fields at once, all the while wearing George. I managed to be in the right place during injuries and water breaks. We capped off our American morning with lunch at McDonald's. I'm still surprised I managed have them at the fields on time on my own after staying up too late doing tax work. Soccer Saturdays will be a breeze with two parents. The girls will have a good season!

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