Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Due Date

Today is George's actual due date. I am very thankful he has been out for two weeks. He has mostly stayed at home eating, sleeping and away from germs. Here are the highlights of his first two weeks:

Day 1: born
Day 2: met sisters
Day 3: first car ride
Day 4: first walk to the park in pram
Day 6: first coffee run on the high street (he was asleep but I could tell he really liked it)
Day 7: christened Mommy
Day 9: first stop at MagOne to pick up the latest issue of People
Day 10: first time to shop at Gap
Day 12: first black cab ride
Day 13: cord came off AND first outing in wrap (was big day)
Day 14: first nappy blowout
Day 15: first visit to playground
Day 16: surpassed birth weight

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David, Julie, Dakota, Emma, and Wyatt said...

Love the breakdown of his first 2 weeks. Such a sweet picture of his sleeping too. I'm so happy that you've been out and about so much!! =) Hope he's eating better for you now too! =)

Beth said...

Oh, I wish I could just come over and kiss on that little cutie!!! Love, love, love that precious little face!

Judith and Lance said...

What a little honey!