Sunday, 17 May 2009

28 Weeks

Flip is flipping and flopping all day, everyday. At my last appoinment he measured at an average 2 lbs 11 ozs. The first picture is misleading...look at the second one for a more accurate idea of my size. I am bigger now than when I delivered Mary Kate.
As magical as hitting the 28 weeks, I am not feeling so good. Pregnancy bliss was good while it lasted. Nothing unusual, just normal aches and pains that will be cured with delivery.

Photos by Caroline.

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David, Julie, Dakota, Emma, and Wyatt said...

A new belly picture...FINALLY!! I love your shirt. Caroline did a great job taking these photos. I think you look great. Are you bigger than with Mary Kate?? Hmmm it doesn't look like but you are carrying a boy which is usually all belly. I'm glad you posted a new photo so I could see that growing nephew of mine! =) Sorry to hear the bliss of the pregnancy is over. =(

Julie =)

Judith and Lance said...

Cute as a button!