Saturday, 11 April 2009

Mary Kate is 7 today!

Our oldest daughter is 7 today. She has counted down the days. Last night she could not wait to go to bed so she could wake up 7.

7 things I love about Mary Kate:

1. I love you love books and reading.
2. I love you are determined.
3. I love you must match from head to toe.
4. I love you are a natural athlete.
5. I love you want me when you are not well.
6. I love you are a foodie too.
7. Most of all I love you because you are you!

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Lael said...

We all hope your birthday was wonderful, Mary Kate!! There certainly is a lot to love about you. A card/gift is on the way. Also, I am definitely planning to get to see you before you turn 8!!

David, Julie, Dakota, Emma, and Wyatt said...

This such a sweet post Jody! =) I may take this idea from you and start doing this for my kid's birthdays too. =)

Judith and Lance said...

I love this!