Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Weekly Report 4

Our week started out white! (See prior post) After the snow our week was very quiet and routine. There is word we have not said in weeks. The weather was wettest and coldest since we arrived. But we have found with the proper gear it is not that bad.

The most exciting event of the week: the internet was installed!!! The installers were very late which in turn made me very late to pick up the girls but at least we back to the 21st century.

Caroline was the first to notice my stomach is getting big. Suddenly I went from looking like I've had one too many croissants to looking pregnant. I feel silly in maternity clothes but I felt even more silly at yoga class when the instructor said to cradle your baby. Who wouldn't feel silly cradling an avocado? The baby books now refer to fruits and vegetables to help visualize the size of the baby. Maybe too effective in my case.

We live two blocks from a large park - much like Central Park. On Saturday we pulled on our Wellies and trudged through the mud and slush. There were loads of people in regular shoes. I'm not sure how they saved their shoes. The girls had fun not minding puddles and pits.

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Judith and Lance said...

I really enjoyed all the pictures, especially the one of the wild horses in Dover, what a fantastic experience.