Tuesday, 16 December 2008


We leave in two weeks from today! Here are the FAQs:
Do we have a place to live?
No. We go into temporary housing until we find a permanent place. But we do know the area where we will live. The girls are enrolled in a wonderful school and we will live within walking distance of the school.
What do the girls think?
They are sad and happy. Sad to leave Henry and their friends. Happy to go on trips and meet new friends.
Are we packed?
No. Thankfully the movers pack for us.
Are we selling our house?
No. Brent's good friend is renting it.
Is this for Brent's job?
Yes. This is a lateral move within the same firm.
How long will you be away? Are you coming back to Dallas?
2-5 years. Yes - we better!
What do you think about the move?
I've wanted to live in Europe since this first time I visited when I was 11. I never thought the opportunity would happen. I'm realistic in there will be culture shock and the first six months will be challenging. We are moving during the coldest and darkest time of year. Sure the English speak the same language but I have trouble with accents. I have a sense of urgency with everything I do. The locals will not feel the same passion about setting up my Internet access as I will feel. On the other hand the travel, the history and Indian take-away will far outweigh the negatives!

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